Role of MS Office in Corporate World


    MS office is a suite of products developed by Microsoft Corporation that includes Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Publisher, Powerpoint and Outlook. Each of these programs serves a different purpose. It would not be wrong to say that MS office is indispensable for working in corporate sector. It has become an industry standard. It is not only apt but affordable also.

For any documentation purpose MS word is used. It is the most popular word processing program. You can create and save texts in it. It allows the users to work in different formats based on their needs.

MS Excel is the most widely used software program in corporate sector. It is a spreadsheet program where you can make charts and graphs, record data and  make calculations easily. Working in MS Excel is time saving and very helpful.

For presenting your brilliant ideas in the corporate world, you can use the PowerPoint program of MS Office. It gives you variety of options for making your presentation effective.

MS Access is an information management tool which stores information for reference, reporting and analysis. It helps you to analyze large amount of information and manage useful data more efficiently. We can use MS Outlook for publishing and email purpose.

Keeping in view the importance of MS office, everyone who is either working or wants to join the corporate world,  should learn it with perfection. 

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