Role of Spoken English in Private Jobs


Proficiency in language is very important for any kind of verbal communication. To understand what someone is saying or to convey your thoughts, you must know the language. As far as English language is concerned, we all are aware of its importance in the present scenario. English is a widely spoken language, used by many countries as their official language. English is the language of internet, business and most of the booming industries like aviation, tourism, hospitality etc. In the private sector jobs, proficiency in English is must.

In fact, the journey to a private job begins with the test of your English. The medium of interview of private companies is English. If you are not fluent in the language or if you struggle with the pronunciation and accent, the interviewer will immediately judge you. Your chances of getting selected will reduce. Even if you possess other necessary qualifications, your ineptness at the English language will not help you with landing the job.

Once you enter a private company, surviving there without good English will be very difficult. To interact with your colleagues, you will need to be at ease with this language. Most of the business setups use English as medium of communication. You will need English for understanding the requirements of the clients of your company. All the documentation works are conducted in English in private offices.

When you reach to a certain level, you will need to give presentations before clients and senior managerial level people. Delivering presentations in an effective and impressive way is only possible if you are confident with the language. If you have a great plan or an innovative idea, sharing it during high-profile  meetings, will not  be possible if you are unable to speak English fluently. Chances are also there that someone who is good at speaking the language will take the credit for your idea by presenting it in his/her own words.

Keeping in view the importance of English language in the private sector jobs, if you feel that you are not good at it, you should start making efforts as soon as possible to improve it. For getting proper guidance in this direction you can join a Spoken English Course. Spoken English Institutes offers the course. If you are determined and if you will make consistent efforts you can definitely learn the language and will speak it like a ‘pro’.



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