Role of Social Media in Education

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Social media is not only about  posting your  photos and videos on facebook or following a celebrity on instagram or twitter. The scope of social media is  much wider. Social Media plays an important role in education apart from playing a key role in business, work  and staying connected.

The various components of social media like Youtube, Wikipedia, Blogs , Facebook,  Twitter etc. are used as platforms of education. Youtube is one of the best examples where we can demonstrate the use of social media in education. By subscribing to various Youtube channels, you can get information on innumerable topics, be it any course, any academic topic or things  like health, sports, culinary etc. By posting videos on youtube , people spread education. No wonder, if we call youtube a virtual ‘classroom’. A classroom which is not , at all ,like that one in school or college.

Blogs are another source of education on social media. These days by becoming a blogger  people share their information or ideas  in their areas of expertise. Blogs are a great source of information and innovative ideas. By reading blogs we not only get educated  on diverse topics but they also help us to create our own thought process. If you don’t like reading books but you seek knowledge, blogs are for you.

Facebook and twitter also serves as mediums of spreading education. They provide an online platform for  healthy discussions on social issues . This makes people aware of what is going on around them and also encourage them to share their own views. People form groups and fb pages according to their needs and use them as a medium of posting and sharing information. Live lectures are also hosted on twitter and facebook .

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